Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The Entrepreneurship & Innovation Law Clinic gives students the opportunity to provide legal services to start-up companies, small businesses, non-profits, and individuals. The clinic works with clients in counseling for a product plan or business organization; licensing; employee and contractor agreements; intellectual property; financing and venture capital; planning and negotiation; dispute resolution; and generalized assistance in business formation, planning, and strategy.

In particular, the EILC will support a variety of business plan competitions:

If you would like to inquire about engaging the services of the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Law Clinic please download the EILC Intake Form (PDF) fill out and mail to:

West Virginia University
College of Law
Entrepreneurship Law Clinic
P.O. Box 6130
Morgantown, WV 26506-6130

ATTN: Entrepreneurship Law Clinic
or e-mail eilc-admin@wvulaw-eilc.net

Students Provide Advocacy on 24 projects

Among recent legal representation, the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Law Clinic student-attorneys successfully organized eighteen business entities, assisted twelve organizations obtain IRS tax-exempt recognition and filed 24 trademark registration applications, oppositions and responses. These legal services were provided to West Virginia entrepreneurs and small businesses. The clinic was also awarded a grant from the Benedum Foundation to establish a WVU program to assist students in protecting and commercializing intellectual property. Under the program, student-inventors may seek support in business formation and intellectual property assessment and protection, with the goal of commercialization.

JOIN US Nov. 3, 2015 for a Free Seminar
on Intellectual Property

Nancy Trudel
Interim Director

EILC Intake Form (PDF)

EILC Background Information for Law Students

To seek assistance from the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Law Clinic,
call (304) 293-0955 or email eilc-admin@wvulaw-eilc.net